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How do I pay my tuition?

Fees Information

 Fees can now be paid online through the student portal. It is important to pay your fees or deposit by the due date in order to confirm your place in the program. If you require financial assistance,  please contact the Financial Aid Office at Conestoga, Doon Campus, Welcome Centre.

Tuition payments can also be paid through your banking institution (web banking), the transaction may take 3-5 business days to appear on your student account. Conestoga College is the company, your student number is the account number.

Program Fees are listed within Program Details, on the individual Program pages.

The list of fees also includes premiums for the CSI Health Insurance Plan. We include this information here to ensure everyone who inquires about fees is aware that there is a refund opt-out date that is strictly enforced by the CSI (Conestoga Students Inc.) 

For International Student Fees, please visit the International Student webpages.

If an international student acquires Canadian Citizenship or permanent residence status during a semester in which a student is registered in a program, the fees for international students continue to be applicable for that semester.  The fees payable by Canadian Citizens and permanent residents apply only to the next semester in which the student is registered.

If your immigration status changes before the first day of scheduled class please notify the International Education Office at 519) 748-5220, extension 3690 as soon as possible. A change of status may have an impact on your tuition fees.


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