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Do you offer online courses?

Online Education with Continuing Education Distance Education and OntarioLearn

Conestoga College is pleased to offer an extensive listing of course available online to our clients.  Courses are either available directly from Conestoga's Continuing Education department, or directly from the Ontario Learn institute.  Conestoga is proud to be a member of Ontariolearn.com, a consortium of Ontario Colleges whose mandate is to provide access to both post-secondary education and general interest courses to individuals regardless of limitations of location and distance. Through this unique arrangement, Conestoga College is able to offer a diverse assortment of online courses to individuals.


As an on-line learner, you can take advantage of the many benefits that this non-traditional mode of learning has to offer; namely the flexibility and ease of access to course materials, the ability to learn from home, the opportunity to "meet" and interact with students from across the province, and the availability of a wide-range of post-secondary courses through OntarioLearn.com. To find out if online learning is for you, please click here: Distance Learning





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