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How do I login to student portal?

The Student Portal provides students with access to a wide variety of information: eConestoga, grades, T2202A forms, email account information and other service information. The Student Portal should be the first place students look for updates and general information.  An individual log-in is required.

 How do I login to student portal?

 The Student Portal is accessible by clicking on "Student Portal" located at the top of the home page of College's website.  You must have your Student Number available. You may also access the Student Portal through myConestoga.


myConestoga is a community-based portal site designed to provide a collaborative, secure environment for college communities.

myConestoga will allow you to keep in touch with your fellow students and colleagues, join various student/college clubs and communities, and access other secure sites without the need to login again.

myConestoga allows each user a personalized profile where the user can maintain his/her own personal information and tool set.

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