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What is the application deadline?

Application Information

Apply to Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) along with required fees by February 1. All applications must be received by OCAS on or before February 1st to be given equal consideration by the College. Please note that February 1st is not the deadline for submitting applications as OCAS will continue to process applications received after this date. You are encouraged, however, to submit your application as early as possible, especially in the case of oversubscribed programs where there are often enough qualified applications received by the equal consideration date (February 1) to fill the program.

For full-time programs that begin in the fall, the admissions process usually begins the beginning of December. February 1st is the time of the first release of post-graduate, degree program and advanced standing admission decisions. The end of March is typically when under-graduate program admission decisions are realeased and offers of admission will continue to be issued until programs are filled and/or wait lists established. For current information check the Conestoga calendar.

Winter program applications are processed on an on-going basis beginning in September. Although there is not an equal consideration deadline for winter programs, you are encouraged to submit your application to OCAS as early as possible.

On-line applications can be made through OCAS website. Carefully read all the steps to be sure your application and supporting documents are received.

Readmission to a Program: Students are required to apply for readmission when they have been absent from their program for one semester or longer unless an Intention Form has been completed (returning students only), or when the student has withdrawn or been discontinued. Upon readmission, students are placed into the current program of study which determines graduation requirements. Students are subject to the college and program policies and procedures in place at the time of readmission.

Students applying for readmission to Level/Semester 1 must do so through ontariocolleges.ca. Students applying for readmission to a level beyond Level/Semester 1 must do so using a Conestoga College Program Application Form. Applicable fees will be charged.

The application for readmission will be reviewed based on the student's academic eligibility, program readmission requirements, and space availability. The student will be informed in writing of the decision

For additional information, refer to the Readmission Procedure.


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