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When will acceptance letters be sent?

Letters of Academic Decisions

Letters of Academic Decisions are sent between February 1 and May 1 for the majority of programs.  (Please click here for the Admissions Application Cycle dates). Letters of Decision include both acceptance and nonacceptance notifications.  If a student was not successful in gaining admission to a specific program, the College may recommend an alternative program for consideration by the student.  

Offers of Acceptances are submitted to OCAS at the same time Offer letters are sent from the College in the mail. The letters will arrive later than the OCAS notification, so please ensure you check your file on the OCAS website daily to see if there are any offers waiting for you from any of the colleges for which you applied.  

The admission process is ongoing. Acceptance letters are sent on an ongoing basis from February 1 until just prior to the program start date, depending on space availability and the applicant qualifications, however, the majority of letters are sent between February 1 and May 1.   Program seats are confirmed once fees are paid.

To confirm your acceptance, you must do so via the OCAS website.  Please click on the above OCAS link.  


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